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Dear Local Shopper,

Our mission at Consign and Company is to offer families, right here in our local community of Murfreesboro, Tennessee, an affordable way to shop lightly used, high quality, name brand items. And to be a positive impact on our community by donating thousands of items from every sale to local charities.  There is no greater joy than aiding our local community and it is only made possible by YOU, the shopper.

Exclusive Shopper Incentives found only at Consign & Co

  • Affordable Prices– Find name brand items for 50-75% lower than normal retail prices.
  • Enormous Selection– Experience a 14,000 sqft shopping space filled with everything you need for your family.
  • High-Quality Items– We pride ourselves on inspecting each item we sell, choosing only items that are lightly used and in great condition.
  • Extensive Variety- You will find multiples of many items, so you can choose the one the perfectly fits your family.
  • Stress-free Shopping – Just like any store, we organize our items by size and gender to ease your shopping experience.

When you choose Consign & Co for your shopping needs, you support your local community by purchasing items that financial support another family. Each Consign & CO sale includes 100’s consignors, local families who have the opportunity to resell their great condition items

Exclusive Tips for a wonderful shopping Experience:  

  • Shop Early to discover a variety of your favorite name brand children’s items.
  • Bring a tote/bag/ or basket with you- A limited number of large shopping totes will be available.
  • Ensured High Quality- We pride ourselves on only selling Quality items. Unfortunately, sometimes items will get through inspections that are below standard. Please inspect your items prior to check out since all sales are final. We will gladly open any box/ item at checkout or ask a Volunteer in blue apron. We want you to be pleased with your purchase.
  • Know your Sizes- Since we do not have dressing rooms, bring your child’s measurements or a measuring tape. Having a list of your children’s sizes will make navigating our selection a breeze.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What forms of payment are accepted?
Consign & Co accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, or cash. 

Does Consign & Co accept returns?
To better serve our community, all sales are final.  Please inspect items before you buy or have a Volunteer inspect your desired items. If you feel an item you purchased was misrepresented, email and please include the info found on the tag: consignor number, item description, price, and item number (at bottom) or any other information you can provide. We PRIDE ourselves on providing High-Quality items.

I want to purchase a large item. What can I do while I finish shopping?

When you find a large item you want, find anyone wearing a Blue “Consign & Co” apron.  They’ll give you an ink pen then proceed fill out the Large item tag attached to the item you wish to purchase. Please include your name, phone number and time/date you are shopping (note we hold large items unpaid for 2 hours only), then proceed to take the bottom portion of the Large item tag to check-out. At check-out, your tag will be marked “paid” to show at the exit to confirm the item has been paid for.

IMPORTANT HELPFUL INFORMATION: please leave on tags until the purchase is complete.  Pulled tags often get lost and an item with no tag can’t be sold.

Can I bring my children to the Sale?
Yes, children are welcome during our public sale.  To ensure the best quality items, please monitor your children at all times.

Learn how YOU can beat the crowds at the next Consign & Co sale:

Become a Consigner!  Consign & Co makes recycling your gently used children’s items easy and offers great benefits. We even offer a VIP Tagging service to make preparing your items hassle-free. YOU even get the perk of shopping at a special Consigner time.
Learn More Here.

Become a Volunteer! Sign-up for at least one 4 hour shift during our sale to be able to shop at the presale event. PLUS earn up to a 60-85% commission. No, You do not have to consign to Volunteer.
Sign up here.

SHOP AT THE EARLIEST PRESALE EVENT! Volunteer during our sale and sign-up for five shifts of 4 hours. Be given access to our limited Presale event. PLUS earn up to a 85% commission.
Sign up here.

Need Directions?

Our Sale is located at:

Mid-TN Expo Center

1660 Middle Tennessee Blvd
Murfreesboro, TN 37129

Click the image below for Google Maps Directions


Early Bird Presale

There are no requirement to attend! The tickets are just for the lucky few who claim a ticket while they last! Click Here to learn more.

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