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Returning Consignors

While a lot of things are new and different, we are striving to continue to uphold the legacy of the sale you have come to love! For the most part, all the rules & guidelines are the same, however, we are now using computer tags, but you are still more than welcome to hand write tags.

The Consigning fee is $15 with a 70/30 split.

Hand Written are Now Only Accepted upon approval!
You must email us to be approved to use Hand Written Tags. 

You may keep your same consignor number, just drop the alphabetical letters. So EM8999 will simply become 8999. Numbers will be available on a first come first serve basis. It is possible your number will get taken, so you can make a new number or just drop a number. For example instead of 8999, just drop the 8 and become 999. If you have items already tagged from previous sales, just take a marker and cross out the part of your number that doesn’t exist anymore.

Be Sure To Review These Changes

Benefits of MySaleManager (The Computer System) 

  • Daily Sales Updates – Know how much and which items sold.
  • Inventory Control – You will know exactly how many items you have tagged, the total value of those items, and know which items sold and which ones didn’t.
  • Sort Checks – We know in real time how much you have made and will be paying those who help with sort that day!
  • Even if you use hand written tags we will be keying them into the computer at check-out, so you too will know your sales daily.
  • Speed – We will have up to 6 six registers and be able to process checkouts quickly and efficiently. This will allow us to invite more shoppers who will BUY MORE OF YOUR STUFF!
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  • Back to the normal schedule! Drop Off on both Saturday and Sunday.
  • Drop off will be less compressed allowing better inspection of items. We will not be accepting grossly over priced items. If you can buy it at the store for same price at a store, we will not accept it.
  • We wish to provide value to our shoppers and have consignors experience high sale through rates. When we have to many over priced things for shoppers to weed through it negatively affects all involved.
  • Please review the Selling Guidelines for what we are accepting and not accepting at this sale.

Don’t have Paypal or Credit/Debit Card?

Since you haven’t had to prepay when registering in the past, we realize some of you may not have PayPal or feel comfortable doing so. That’s ok! You do have to be registered in our system to consign and we are happy to help you with that.

If you want to consign, but do not want to or don’t know how to register online, please send us an email at

Recap Of Changes

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