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Drop Off/Pick Up Information

In order to accommodate everyone and reduce wait times, we ask that you review our Drop-Off and Pick-Up information below.  If you have questions please check out our FAQ’s page.

Schedule Drop-Off Appointment


Before you drop-off your items, you MUST get registered online to be a consignor.

To speed up your drop-off experience, please consider the following:

  • Please Drop-Off items only during your Appointment Window.
  • All items must be tagged according to the Tagging Instructions prior to drop-off.
  • Review our Selling Guidelines.
  • Group items by gender and size. Group sizes together with a rubber band or ribbon.  This will make it easier for you to hang your clothing items on the correct racks.
  • Separate Specialty items from Gender/ Size (i.e. leave Holiday Dress, Dollar Rack, Coats, Swim Wear Separated)
  • Place items in clothes baskets, boxes or anything else that may help you unload from your vehicle to the building, we will have a limited number of rolling racks that will help with unloading
  • Double check toys have working batteries (also switch toys to the off position so batteries do not drain)
  • Double check clothing for blemishes, stains excessive wear etc.

Once you arrive for Drop off Appointment:

  1. Arrive on time and unload your items. You may use rolling racks if available.
  2. Check in at our Consignor Table. Be sure to get your Shopping Passes!
  3. Once a Volunteer is available, they will check your items for consistency per our Selling Guidelines. To Speed up toy check-in please turn toys to on position or show the Volunteer that the toy makes noise, lights up, or working as it should.
  4. Once a Volunteer has checked items, you may begin to place your items in the Correct Place on the Sales Floor. Be sure to put things in the correct place. Ask a volunteer for assistance if needed. (Be sure to allow time in your schedule for placing out your items and please keep a close eye on your children. 


* Please allow enough time for our volunteers to check all items.  Items will be inspected for quality and for season appropriateness.

* You will need to sign Consign & Co. Consignor Agreement when you bring your items.  You will also pick up your Pre-sale Shopping Pass/ Guest Pass and Friday Night Half Price Sale Pass.

*We love kids but do ask that you keep a watchful eye if they are with you during Drop-Off.

* We try our best to have plenty of Volunteers to help with placing items on the sales floor, however, we do get overwhelmed occasionally on drop-off. So be thorough when placing items on the Sales Floor, because items do not sell in the wrong place/size.


Pick Up Day and Time

  • Please arrive Sunday between 6-8pm
  • Check In at the table (Be Sure to have a form of ID available) and check the Lost & Found table for your items
  • Collect your items which are sorted by your Consigner Number
  • All Items will be donated to Charity Promptly at 8pm
  • If someone else is picking up for you Please inform us and give them your consigner Number. And be sure they have a form of ID
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